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It had always been thought that oral treatments for erectile dysfunction (ED) just helped produce and keep a penile erection. If that produced an orgasm for the man through sexual intercourse, oral sex, or masturbation that so much the better. But if the man previously had difficult in reaching an orgasm, then the drugs were not thought to be able to help in that area.

However a study published this year in the British Journal of Urology seems to show that Cialis, the erectile dysfunction medication known to help men get ready for sex, may also help encourage ejaculation and orgasm.

It showed that men who had mild ED, but could not easily ejaculate, found the drug to be beneficial in both treating the ED and in promoting ejaculation. Data was analysed from 17 clinical trials which involved men who had ED, or trouble ejaculating, or both. The sample was relatively large, 3600 men of varying ages, but with the average age being 55 years. The men all took the drug for three months and reported the outcomes. The study showed that about 70% of the men who used the drug were able to achieve orgasm, as compared to 30% who didn’t take the drug. The improved ability to ejaculate and achieve orgasm was seen regardless of the severity of a man’s ED.

This is particular important for men who want to father children but have difficulty in ejaculating. This is known as orgasmic dysfunction. For many years it was thought that this was a problem primarily for women. But the study shows it could be almost as prevalent in men. A key issue may be that men have more difficulty discussing sexual issues with their GPs. It is often quite hard to get a man to seek treatment for ED, and if there’s a further problem in failing to achieve orgasm in a reasonable time, or not at all, then the reluctance seems compounded.

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The research was sponsored by the manufacturers of the drug, but there are no reasons to consider the conclusions biased in any way. More studies and research are likely to follow, but this is encouraging news for those men who have trouble reaching orgasm. This may put the drug at the top of the list for oral ED treatments, especially for those men who have both ED and orgasmic dysfunction.

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Despite the fact that the three leading oral tablet ED treatments work in similar ways (and are effective in 80% of men) they each use a different active ingredient and have slightly different aspects to them. Before we get into detail I should point out that at the end of the day, the choice is down to you and your Doctor. Many men can argue till the cows come home over which of these drugs is superior, but they are invariably arguing from a personal position. All men are different. One man may find one drug gives too many side effects, another may say that one doesn’t really work very well as compared to another. But it largely boils down to what works best for you. Discuss it with your General Practitioner. The comments below are based on user comments, not verified scientific research.

Viagra is arguably the most potent of the ED drugs, and some men claim it gives them the biggest erections. However it is relatively slow to work (40-60 minutes) and many men experience side effects, including a blue-tint to vision which doesn’t occur with any other of the treatments. Its potency is also in the region of only 3-4 hours. As you can only taker one pill a day, then if you were planning a morning session and one later in the day, you’re scuppered my friend!

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Cialis last a long time, 36 hours- so not only can one pill last you a whole day, it can last well into the next day, and save you money by not having to have a second pill for the next day (you can only take one pill in any 24 hour period for all the oral ED treatments. The absorption rate is quick- 30 minutes before the active ingredient is in your bloodstream and you are ready for action. A downside is that it can be more expensive than the other treatments. This drug too has side effects, headaches, back pain, etc, but some people say less than the other drugs. Some men have said that despite being long lasting in terms of time, their erections are not as solid as with other ED treatments- but that’s very subjective.

Lastly, Levitra. It lasts 4-6 hours, and will start working from 20-40 minutes after taking, which is good if you’re anxious to get stuck into the action and have a limited window for sexual activity. Many men say it has the least side effects of all the ED treatments which makes it popular, especially among diabetics. All-in-all many men say that after having tried all three main treatments, they think they get the best all-round performance from Levitra.

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There was a time when erectile dysfunction was taboo for discussion and too embarrassing to admit. With the advent of ED treatments such as Viagra, Tadalafil and Vardenafil, the use of ED medications has increased over the last two decades and it has brought more users into the public eye.

I remember back in 1998 when Pfizer Pharmaceuticals first announced an ED treatment. Some were optimistic and many were skeptical. At the time, surgery to correct was a common occurrence and so were elixirs, pumps and other herbals and apparatuses. A pill that would end the problem for 70% of its users was inconceivable. There were jokes about old men getting back into the sex game and suffering heart attacks from all the excitement. There was the stigma of having an ED medication prescribed or sent to the house. So, who are the “typical” users of ED medication?

According to Quantcast, a company that measures website traffic and related demographics, reported (estimated) demographics of visitors to The typical Viagra user is one who shops and hunting stores and wears sports related undergarments. (Quantcast Rankings, 2013)Quantcast cited another interesting statistic. In the fiscal period of June 2013, there were more than 200,000 unique visitors to the drug’s website and of those, females accounted for a 68 index. That means of the entire group of Internet sites on the web, this site is “68% effective” with 100% being the same as all other sites.

In an article titled, “How Young is too Young”, WebMD citied doctors who are looking into ED pills as a prescription for teens with the intent of initial prescribed use; heart disease and cardiovascular health (WebMD, 2013)

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The average income of an ED medication user is $100k to $150k per year. Along with the $50k to $100k group, they make up a salary higher than the average Internet shopper. That would mean that, if one were to market an ED pill or drug, a significant market would be waiting to shop. The next frontier was to determine the saturation market for ED drugs; it seemed limitless.

Viagra is not the only player in the market. Tadalafil and Vardenafil are in the market among others and these generic names translate into names more suitable for the tongue. Although each have an active ingredient called “PDE5 inhibitor, inactive ingredients vary. A PEE5 inhibitor helps move blood flow to certain areas of the body and that effect causes longer or less flaccid erections.


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There are many different prescription drugs on the market that are used to treat the condition known as erectile dysfunction. This condition is very widespread and affects more than twenty million men.  Men of all ages suffer from this condition and the cause of this condition is very diverse. Some men have damage to the nerve endings in their penis, which doesn’t allow for increased blood flow naturally. However, no matter what causes your erectile dysfunction it can be treated through the use of Cialis. Cialis is an alternative to Viagra and has shown to work effectively in patients who do not respond to Viagra. Viagra is the most popular erectile dysfunction drug on the market, but it does not work effectively in one out of every three users. Therefore, Cialis is an effective erectile dysfunction drug that was developed specifically for men that don’t respond to Viagra. Cialis is known as Tadalafil and works in a similar manner to Viagra.

Cialis is prescribed to patients that have noticeable impotence and this drug works to increase blood flow to the penis. This drug has also been seen to relax certain muscles and can even be used to treat the condition known as Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia. Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia is a condition that results in an enlarged prostate gland, but through the use of Cialis this condition can be combated effectively. Although Cialis has been found to have other positive benefits its main use is to make an erection occur. An erection may seem like a simplistic process, but in actuality the process of an erection is very detailed and complex. Erections take place due to the excess of blood that fills the penis, but this only occurs after other actions have taken place. Dilated blood vessels and penis contraction must take place after a signal is sent to the brain indicating arousal. However, for many men this process doesn’t work correctly and this results in erectile dysfunction.

Therefore, Cialis works much like other erectile dysfunction drugs to make an erection occur. Nitric oxide is released to control dilation and increase blood flow. However, the main difference between Cialis and other erectile dysfunction medications is the duration of the erection. Most erections gained through the use of Viagra will only last a maximum of four hours. In contrast, the erections gained through the use of Cialis last much longer, you can buy this here in Some people even termed Cialis as the weekend pill, because the erections obtained through the use of this prescription drug can last so long.  Therefore, most erections that occur due to the use of Cialis can last up to eight hours. This is double the duration of an erection obtained through Viagra and makes this prescription drug more advantageous for men that want longer erections.

Cialis is prescribed in pill form and should be taken at least an hour before sexual activity is desired to take place. This prescription drug will remain in your blood stream for up to thirty six hours after you first take this drug. Therefore, before you take Cialis you must be informed that this drug stays in your system longer than other erectile dysfunction drugs and lasts longer than other erectile dysfunction drugs.  The duration that Cialis stays in your body can be best explained through the half-life that Cialis has. The half-life of a prescription drug refers to the duration that half a pill will stay in your system. For example, the half-life of Viagra is less than five hours, but the Half-life of Cialis is more than fifteen. Therefore, this clearly shows that Cialis will have a long duration in your system and should only be used by men looking for long lasting erections and use.

There are not many risks associated with Cialis, but there are some precautions that you must take to ensure that this prescription drug works safely within your system. Therefore, you must not take Cialis with any other prescription drugs in the same class. This includes Viagra and Levitra. If Cialis is taken in combination with other erectile dysfunction prescription drugs it can result in a noticeable increase in blood pressure that can be extremely dangerous.  The best way to ensure safety while using Cialis to make sure that your doctor is aware of all medications that you are taking. This will ensure that no negative combinations occur that could be detrimental to your health.

Cialis is a relatively safe drug that is used to combat the common condition of erectile dysfunction in men. Not all men respond to the popular prescription of Viagra and Cialis is used as an alternative to this drug.  Only take Cialis under the guidance of a doctor and make sure that you follow all directions when taking this powerful prescription medication. Cialis is an effective drug and can impact your life positively if taken with caution and supervision.


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Viagra, which is also known as Sildenafil, is synonymous with erectile dysfunction. Thanks to a number of immensely effective advertising campaigns over the years, this is generally the first treatment method people consider for ED. Deciding on whether or not a prescription of Viagra is right for you will depend on a few things. It will be dependent upon whether or not you actually suffer from erectile dysfunction, what sort of medications you are already taking, your current state of health, and what your doctor feels is the best way to treat your erectile dysfunction.

Discussing the possibility of this drug with your doctor is obviously important, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be your first step. A little research can help you to determine if you do indeed suffer from erectile dysfunction. Further research into this can help you to have an informed discussion with your doctor, if you do in fact decide to seek testing and potential treatment for erectile dysfunction.

 About Erectile Dysfunction

To many, erectile dysfunction is dissimilar to impotency. This subject that continues to be debated, but what everyone agrees on is the official diagnosis of erectile dysfunction.

ED is the chronic inability to achieve and maintain an erection. If you find yourself suffering from this once in a great while, chances are you don’t have erectile dysfunction. Stressors at that particular moment can be causing a temporary inability to get an erection. This is not erectile dysfunction. ED is a consistent struggle to gain an erection. If left untreated, it can cause considerable anxiety, depression, and even problems with your significant other.

There are a number of health conditions both physical and psychological that can cause erectile dysfunction. Some of these conditions can include depression, heart disease, diabetes, obesity, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, anxiety, and many more. It’s also possible that your erectile dysfunction could be part of a larger health problem.

You won’t know, until you make an appointment to consult with a physician. You can discuss all of these things, and you can also discuss whether or not this pill is right for you.

 Before Taking Viagra

You should discuss any of the following conditions with your doctor before taking this:

  • Heart disease, heart rhythm problems, or coronary artery disease.
  • An incident involving a heart attack, a stroke, or congestive heart failure within the past six months.
  • Blood pressure that is either very low or very high.
  • If you suffer from liver or kidney disease.
  • If you suffer from certain blood disorders.
  • If your penis suffers from any physical deformity that has been officially diagnosed by a physician.
  • If you suffer from stomach ulcers.
  • If you suffer from retinitis pigmentosa.
  • If you have been advised by a physician to avoid sexual intercourse for reasons related to your health.
  • If you suffer from any bleeding disorders.

All of these are serious enough conditions that you should definitely discuss any of them with your doctor.

How to take Viagra

There is nothing particularly difficult about taking this pill. You should consult with your doctor as to any special instructions:

  • This can be taken orally, and it can be taken with or without food.
  • The capsule should be swallowed whole.
  • Most take it 1 hour prior to sexual activity, but it is okay to take it anywhere between 4 hours and 30 minutes before sexual activity.
  • Should you forget to take a dose, but are still intending to engage in sexual activity, you should take a dose immediately.
  • Do not take more than what has been prescribed to you by your doctor.


If you have any questions about these guidelines, discuss them with your doctor.

Side effects of Viagra

There is an array of minor and severe side effects that you should keep in mind. If you experience any of these, it is advisable to cease taking this pill at once, and consult your doctor:

  • Heartburn
  • Stuffy nose
  • Upset stomach
  • Memory loss
  • Fast or irregular heartbeat
  • Dizziness
  • Stuffy nose
  • Upset or sour stomach
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Tightness in chest
  • Swelling of mouth, face, lips, or tongue

These are side effects that should be taken very seriously, although some are more serious than others.

Other Information Regarding Viagra

Keep in mind that this does not prevent HIV/AIDs, STDs, or pregnancy. Should you find yourself in a situation of having overdosed, or if your erection has persisted for more than 4 hours, you should consult a physician immediately.

Do not share your prescription. It is only intended to be used be the person it was prescribed for.

This information should give you plenty to discuss with your doctor, if you do indeed have ED.